TheKingGeek’s Journey to $1k/Daily [Youtube/PPC/Google Alerts/Etc]

Back from the dead! Long time since my last post in this amazing forum! Now days my online earnings are an amazing $0/month, but it won’t be for much longer. I haven’t do anything online for the longest time. To be honest I don’t know what makes me stop, but I’m tired of working a “job” knowing what am capable of.

Short Story

I used to make decent money online. Got comfortable with what I was making, made stupid & reckless investing decisions in SEO’s services for sites that…

TheKingGeek’s Journey to $1k/Daily [Youtube/PPC/Google Alerts/Etc]

Can I rank keywords only with FB shares?

Can I rank low-mid keywords like that?

I want to make a Facebook page where I do giveaways for users if people just share my links.

Should I create Facebook pages for keywords I want to rank?

I see lots of Facebook pages rank in Google for gaming h…

Want to hire: scrap profile images

Hi, want to hire someone to scrap profile pictures for me, good source would be instagram.

Need 5 photos of the person from the same instagram profile. No pictures of models or hot chicks.

Paying $5 for 10 profiles =50 pictures

Need Purchase Amazon Reviews

I Need Purchase Verified Amazon Reviews for a couple of my product. It’s prime account will be better for it as i want to send the product as a gift with $2 for review charge.

Plz PM me only USA reviewers who have aged real amazon account with some more reviews and take my product.


How to get traffic to my website?

Hi guys,

How are you? Today, I want to ask for your help. Many are expert positioning web, and I need your help, please.

I have a health web. That web has three months, and I want to learn how to make it have traffic. I ask; what should I do? What p…

Instagram Popular Page Accounts

Hello BlackHat-ers,

I currently have an Instagram with 38k that has been “banned” from the popular page..

I was wondering if anybody would be interested in selling or possibly trading a popular-page-frequent / active Instagram account with me…

Please kik me at: teagadinho to discuss further.

(if this is in the wrong thread, sorry. I didn’t know where else to put it?)